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Sending a thank you email is as important as interview preparation. Anyone who tells themselves that foregoing a fundamental rule of etiquette doesn't matter, not only taints themselves in the mind of the interviewer, but misses two additional opportunities to sell. It may be the difference maker between two qualified candidates.

A thank you email is an additional sales piece. Beyond the reason of etiquette, the email sells you as a professional person who recognizes that the interviewer gave them something valuable: time and consideration.
A fundamental rule of sales is to keep the product in front of the buyer and reinforce its benefits. The email gives you ample space to comment on what you liked about the company, why your skills are of benefit to them, and how much you're interested. If something wasn't tied up, or was left unsatisfactorily, you should use the space to further address the issue.

Thank you letters are one of the reasons it's important to take notes during an interview. Not only does it show good attention to detail, it saves you from having to scrunch your face up trying to remember some of the information you learned about the company and position during the interview. Because if you met with three separate people during one visit to the company, that's three thank you letters....three different thank you letters.

  • First few sentences - Open with the obligatory thank you and include how you enjoyed the meeting.

  • Second few sentences - Discuss your strengths to do the job and your interest in working for the hiring authority

  • Conclusion - Re-iterate your interest. Be enthusiastic!. If you really want to be hired, let your interest shine through. There's nothing wrong with coming right out and saying, "I'd love to work with X company!"

Don't start every sentence with "I". It may be the easiest way to write the email but it's not only repetitive, it's a turn off and egotistical. This process is about you getting a job, but it's about what they get out of it if they hire you.

If you really want the job, the email will be easy to write because it will contain genuine impressions and sentiments.

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