Our Proven Process

Initial Phone Contact

  • Our goal is to identify the opening and discuss the position details (i.e.: compensation, responsibilities, why the position is open, etc…) with the hiring authority and then schedule a visit to meet with the hiring authority at the client site.

Client Visit

  • Our goal is to fully understand the nuances of each hire by working closely with the hiring authority to create a detailed company/position profile. This process increases accuracy when promoting the company and position to candidates. Some examples of key questions we typically ask:

    • Why the position is open and how soon the position must be filled?
    • Candidate qualifications: experience level, skills, responsibilities, and educational requirements?
    • Assess cultural fit for the client’s need: tour the facility, review the equipment and systems experience needed, interview the employer regarding personnel of the company, management practices, etc…
    • Discuss targeted industries and companies from which to recruit.
    • Discuss compensation, benefits, and performance expectations.

  • Establish a search and interview time-line with the hiring authority:

    • Identify the interview and hiring process, plus discuss our process of presenting top candidates.
    • Schedule follow up calls and tentative interview dates. 

  • Agree on agency fee, payment terms and guarantees.

  • Discuss our recruiting strategy for a successful search.

  • Provide a formal engagement letter for approval prior to the commencement of a search.

Recruiting Candidates

  • Create a customized recruiting plan to meet the client timeline.

  • Conduct initial phone interviews with candidates to review their education/experience.

  • Conduct additional interviews to identify the top candidates based on personality, work experience, attitude and skills for positions.

Presentation of Candidates

  • Present top candidates, along with interview notes via email, followed by a phone conversation.

  • Assist the client in scheduling top candidates for client interviews either at our offices or the client’s site.

  • Work closely with both the hiring contact and the candidates after initial interviews, share feedback and schedule selected candidates for subsequent interviews and assessments.

Making an Offer

  • Work closely with the hiring authority to extend an offer of employment and secure a start date with the candidate.

  • The hiring authority provides a written offer letter after we have secured verbal acceptance from a candidate. We meet with candidate, if time allows, to sign the formal offer letter, confirm the start date and return the signed offer letter to hiring authority within 24 hours.


  • Assist our clients in arranging pre-employment physicals, drug screening and orientation times.

  • Phone call to both the employer and the candidate (after the start date), to assure that the transition has occurred comfortably and smoothly for both parties.